“Dealing with the Causes of Stress in Remote Teams”

I had the honor to do my internship last summer 2016 at one of the VIP WordPress Companies: Human Made. To say that it was an amazing and awesome experience it’s not enough. The Human Made team is really that: HUMAN. They are hard working people, who love what they do and most important, they care about each other well-being. So I can only be really grateful for the opportunity they gave to me.

One of the greatest things that came after the awesome “Out of Office” event on Nov 29th 2016 by Human Made, was their new White Paper : ‘Dealing with the Causes of Stress in Remote Teams’.

Made after a deeply research and from first-hand experience, this white paper:

-introduces you to concepts around occupational stress
-discusses the unique causes of stress for remote teams
-explores ways that you can prevent and alleviate stress in remote teams
-provides advice for individual remote team members to manage stress

You can download the white paper here: Dealing with the Causes of Stress in Remote Teams