Remote Work & Stress

10 Tips to keep stress away while working remotely

Although remote work is recognized by the great flexibility it allows, it also implies a day-to-day carrying with a number of limitations. When your home is your office, it’s hard to put separation between your work life and personal life, so there is a tendency to work more while working remotely.

As there’s always work to be done, there are some easy steps you can take into account in order to avoid stress and burnout.

1. Accept that is not possible to finish all the work.

2. Learn to prioritize : most things can wait until tomorrow.

3. Create routines that

  • help differentiate the moments of work and non-work
  • set schedules- you decide how you spend your hours
  • identify what is essential and what’s not

4. Create and set boundaries like:

  • working outside at a co-working space or
  • scheduling deliberate non-work time into the week.

5. Find a place with no distractions (if working from home preferably set your own workspace).

6. Take breaks

  • short breaks to recharge and
  • long breaks like real vacations

7. Always make time for human interaction as isolation in remote work can lead to low morale. See some friends will boost your morale and motivation.

8. Set priorities for :

  • the project you’re working on
  • define the most important priorities for your role
  • priorities for your work-life balance

9. Stay focused

  • Avoid jumping between different tasks, you’ll finish feeling exhausted and stressed.

10. Get organized

  • Plan out your week and book time for the important things.