Coffee nomad: in Colombia for a month – Medellín

After some days in Bogotá, I traveled to Medellin and I decided to check some places. I discovered that there is also an AtomHouse. They also have a good amount of good comments and they have an amazing schedule, from 8am to 10pm, which allows you to easily adjust your daily routine which great flexibility.

If you are looking for something around Barrio Laureles, you should consider workamp. They have a holistic approach which is needed today for every coworking space, it is not longer about offering a working space but offering a possibility of networking and help for launching your startup. For example, Ruta N, Creame, Parque E, Incubadora de Empresas, Cámara de comercio, which you should consider if you are considering about starting an activity in Colombia.

If you will be around the south side of the Medellín, you can visit Nodo or Casa 98, they both offer amazing locations. However there is more information available about the former, and there is one thing to keep in mind, it closes at 19pm which is too early for me. Despite that, it worth to try it.

There are a lot of coworkings to visit in Medellín, I just wrote about those that I could visit or that catched my attention. If you want to try some other places, you may try a simple search in Google.


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