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Revealing survey results on the modern state of remote work.

In PGi’s second annual Global Telework Survey, PGi’s surveyed knowledge workers from around the world to better understand their telecommuting habits and the overall state of remote work. From commute times and technology to perspectives and policies, they wanted to know,  if telecommuting has achieved mainstream acceptance around the globe. Their results revealed some interesting trends that may change the way you think about the state of telework.

View this infographic revealing survey results on the modern state of remote work.

“Dealing with the Causes of Stress in Remote Teams”

I had the honor to do my internship last summer 2016 at one of the VIP WordPress Companies: Human Made. To say that it was an amazing and awesome experience it’s not enough. The Human Made team is really that: HUMAN. They are hard working people, who love what they do and most important, they care about each other well-being. So I can only be really grateful for the opportunity they gave to me.

One of the greatest things that came after the awesome “Out of Office” event on Nov 29th 2016 by Human Made, was their new White Paper : ‘Dealing with the Causes of Stress in Remote Teams’.

Made after a deeply research and from first-hand experience, this white paper:

-introduces you to concepts around occupational stress
-discusses the unique causes of stress for remote teams
-explores ways that you can prevent and alleviate stress in remote teams
-provides advice for individual remote team members to manage stress

You can download the white paper here: Dealing with the Causes of Stress in Remote Teams


Coffee nomad: in Colombia for a month – Medellín

After some days in Bogotá, I traveled to Medellin and I decided to check some places. I discovered that there is also an AtomHouse. They also have a good amount of good comments and they have an amazing schedule, from 8am to 10pm, which allows you to easily adjust your daily routine which great flexibility.

If you are looking for something around Barrio Laureles, you should consider workamp. They have a holistic approach which is needed today for every coworking space, it is not longer about offering a working space but offering a possibility of networking and help for launching your startup. For example, Ruta N, Creame, Parque E, Incubadora de Empresas, Cámara de comercio, which you should consider if you are considering about starting an activity in Colombia.

If you will be around the south side of the Medellín, you can visit Nodo or Casa 98, they both offer amazing locations. However there is more information available about the former, and there is one thing to keep in mind, it closes at 19pm which is too early for me. Despite that, it worth to try it.

There are a lot of coworkings to visit in Medellín, I just wrote about those that I could visit or that catched my attention. If you want to try some other places, you may try a simple search in Google.


Remote Work & Stress

10 Tips to keep stress away while working remotely

Although remote work is recognized by the great flexibility it allows, it also implies a day-to-day carrying with a number of limitations. When your home is your office, it’s hard to put separation between your work life and personal life, so there is a tendency to work more while working remotely.

As there’s always work to be done, there are some easy steps you can take into account in order to avoid stress and burnout.

1. Accept that is not possible to finish all the work.

2. Learn to prioritize : most things can wait until tomorrow.

3. Create routines that

  • help differentiate the moments of work and non-work
  • set schedules- you decide how you spend your hours
  • identify what is essential and what’s not

4. Create and set boundaries like:

  • working outside at a co-working space or
  • scheduling deliberate non-work time into the week.

5. Find a place with no distractions (if working from home preferably set your own workspace).

6. Take breaks

  • short breaks to recharge and
  • long breaks like real vacations

7. Always make time for human interaction as isolation in remote work can lead to low morale. See some friends will boost your morale and motivation.

8. Set priorities for :

  • the project you’re working on
  • define the most important priorities for your role
  • priorities for your work-life balance

9. Stay focused

  • Avoid jumping between different tasks, you’ll finish feeling exhausted and stressed.

10. Get organized

  • Plan out your week and book time for the important things.

Coffee nomad: in Colombia for a month – Bogotá

This year the first WordCamp Medellín will be held in this city, and by being one of the organizers, I had the perfect excuse to come and visit Colombia for one month. Unfortunately, it won’t be a vacations trip. I’ll be working from there, so I need to find nice places with reliable internet and a nice infrastructure.

Colombia offers good internet and a strong signal and you can easily find free Wi-Fi in coffee shops and bars. However, they are not always the nicest and quiet places to work from.

I have started a small research in co-workings and I’m pleased to find that there is a long list of possibilities with good services and an interesting variety of prices.

HubBOG seems like a professional place to work from. However, its focus is on startups, which is interesting but more oriented for long visits and people looking to develop businesses. In addition to the usual services provided, it also offers mentoring and formation courses. Prices varies between 40.000COP/day, 180.000COP/week and 445.000COP/month. On the same trend you can find  Impact Hub BogotáZona E and Wikideas. However, it seems that you can’t find a daily or weekly fare on these sites.

Atom House and Magicville seem like a more interesting match. They offer daily and weekly services within an interesting range of prices. Moreover, there is an attractive service offered by Magicville in which you also have the opportunity to live and have an intercultural experience that empowers the creation, development & production of their startup ideas as they advertise.

As you can see, there is an interesting offer in Bogotá and it would depend on what it is exactly you are looking for. You can always rely on Coworker and check some other possibilities or find more detailed information about them.

That’s all for now, thanks for your comments and feedback.



Why go remote?

I have been working on a remote company for 1 year and a half, and since then I have experienced a whole lot of different kinds of situations that you can rarely live in a “standard” working environment.

You can find more and more podcasts talking about remote working, blogs and websites to find this type of jobs. This has become a new player in the job market and it has demonstrated that it is not just a temporary trend.

Our idea is to centralize all the possible information about remote work and turn this blog into an essential source for the latest news.

As it may be difficult to keep up with the constant flux of news, you are more than welcome to become a part of our team of writers.

Let’s see where this adventure takes us!

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